DIY Grapefruit All-Purpose Natural Cleaner

Household cleaners are one of the biggest offenders of containing dangerous chemicals that often get ignored because they are deemed ‘necessary’ to properly kill germs and we would rather have chemicals than germs right?…. Wrong! Recently I have learned that there are plenty of natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen that are just as effective at killing bacteria and cutting through dirt. Before I start ranting about how great all natural cleaners can be I have to admit- I still hold on to a love for bleach. I love the way it instantly turns yucky things pearly, but I can still only use it very carefully in my bathtub without ruining the carpet and rest of my place, so I needed to find an all purpose cleaner that would be safe on all surfaces in addition to being completely pet safe. After spending a little too much money on natural cleaning products that worked great, I decided to start making my own after realizing how simple the ingredients were! The one that I am sharing with you today has been my go to household cleaner because it works well, is easy to make, and it safe on so many different surfaces (which not only I love but my adventure loving pet lizard loves too)!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links! Any profits go towards enhancing my blog and helping me to continue sharing with you all the things that I love!


  • White Distilled Vinegar
  • A Few Pieces Of Citrus Peels (I use Grapefruit Peels but Orange or Lemon will work too)
  • Essential Oil of Choice (I used Lemon, Orange, and Thyme because of their antibacterial cleaning powers!)
  • Distilled Water
  • Mason Jar
  • Glass Spray Bottle (Click here to see the super useful set I am always buying more of!)

1. Fill Mason Jar With Citrus Peels

I like to use grapefruit peels simply because I eat a grapefruit every morning so it was easy to just throw my peels into a jar instead of in the trash! It is important to not fill over half of the jar with citrus peels because too many peels will cause the solution to start molding while it is infusing. If you find that your solution is starting to grow mold, dump it out and try again with less peels and more vinegar.

2. Add In Distilled Vinegar

3. Place In Pantry For 2+ Weeks

Don’t panic, two weeks goes by faster than you think! You must have patience young grasshopper.

4. Strain Vinegar Into Glass Spray Bottle+ Add Essential Oils

5. Add Equal Parts Distilled Water

Using distilled water helps to prolong the shelf life of your cleaner! I also added dried thyme to my spray because of its antibacterial properties…plus I have to admit I mainly just like the way it looks in the glass bottles.

6. Spray and Enjoy!

When spraying the product it will have a vinegar scent at first but don’t worry, that goes away as soon as it dries and you are left with only the scent of your essential oils.

Have you made the switch to all natural cleaning products yet?? Share with me below your favorite natural cleaner!