Turn Your Home Boho-Chic With This Affordable Home Decor

Decorating your home can not only be difficult and time consuming, but it can be so expensive!! Have you ever bought what felt like a ridiculous amount of decor only to realize once you put it all up that the space still feels empty? If you are super busy or like me and move around a lot, it can be difficult to fully decorate your home, so I am sharing with you my favorite go-to budget decor that quickly makes your home feel cozy and complete with just a few pieces! 

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To Remind Yourself You’re Looking Fly Today:

Round Decorative Wall Mirror Brass - Project 62™ - image 9 of 22

Find this Brass Round Decorative Wall Mirror HERE

To Cover Up Those Nakey Walls:

Find this Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry HERE

A Home For Your Cozy Blankets:

Find this Tall Natural Khaki Rattan Basket HERE

The Cutest Floor-Blanket Ever:

Find this Odelia Beige Traditional Area Rug HERE

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Summer Style: The Comfy and Affordable Brand I Am Loving Right Now

If you have been following my blog you know that next to style, the most important question I ask before I buy an outfit is “could I take a nap in this?”. For this exact reason, I have been LOVING target’s line of Women’s Clothing Wild Fable! Not only are all of their clothes super comfortable and cute but they are shockingly affordable. Check out the links below to get one of my favorite outfits by them!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links! Any profits go towards enhancing my blog and helping me to continue sharing with you all the things that I love!

The Shirt:

After buying this plain rolled sleeve t-shirt I immediately went back the next day and bought one in both colors. The fabric is thick which helps the sleeves stay rolled and the cut across the bottom is cropped but not too short where it shows my stomach. Get yours here! —> Women’s Short Sleeve Boxy T-Shirt – Wild Fable™

The Shorts:

I often get stuck between only wanting to wear high waisted bottoms and never wanting to wear them again because of the tight digging feeling around the waist that most high waisted bottoms give you… but not these ones guys, these are gold. These high waisted shorts have a soft elastic band so they stretch and move with you! Ya know, like the little jean shorts you used to put on your build-a-bear, or the toddler version that kids wear that are all stretchy at the top so they can climb on the jungle gym without them falling? Yeah like those, except super stylish and made for adults. Can I get a HECK YA. Get your pair here! —–> Women’s High-Rise Elastic Waist Jean Shorts – Wild Fable™ Light Acid Wash

What is your favorite Target brand?? Comment and share with me below!

5 Trader Joes Beauty Products You Need Right Now

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Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Although fairly new to Trader Joes, this moisturizer has quickly become one of my favorite new additions to my daily beauty routine! I have combination skin that is not only very dry, but also breaks out when I use the thick ultra-moisturizers my skin wants and needs. This moisturizer is extremely light weight and clean feeling, all while managing to keep my skin super moisturized all day long.

Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

I have a very sensitive scalp and a budget that does not allow for the high end shampoo formulas that boast how gentle they are- so I was SUPER happy to find this pure, affordable, and not to mention well-working shampoo from Trader Joes. It makes your scalp feel pepperminty fresh and effectively cleanses my oily hair without completely stripping it.

Coconut Body Butter

Okay, I am about to confess a weird habit of mine. I CANNOT fall asleep at night if my hands are dry. It’s like all my tired mind can focus on is how dry and crispy my hands are… so yes it’s weird I know, but because of this I rely on this Super Creamy Coconut Body Butter from Trader Joes. It smells like heaven and I can’t fall asleep without it.

Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub

There is a reason this facial scrub has become one of Trader Joe’s best selling beauty products- it works! Along with it’s amazing antioxidant powers, this facial scrub gives just the right amount of exfoliation and has the best scent!

Lavender Triple Milled Soap

Whether I am using it in the shower or just washing my hands- bar soap is my favorite for a couple of different reasons. Without going on a rant about it- I firmly believe that bar soaps cleanse more effectively than liquid antibacterial soaps because instead of killing most germs but leaving the strongest bacteria, bar soap simply causes all levels of germs and bacteria to ‘fall off’ and physically rinse away from your hands. This Lavender bar soap not only smells incredible but there are physical pieces of lavender inside of it that help to exfoliate as well as cleanse.

What Are Your Favorite Trader Joe’s Beauty Products? Like and Share With Me Below!

5 Unique Table Books Under $30

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For The Animal Lover:

Animalium: Welcome to the Museum

I listed this book as #1 on the list because it is my personal favorite. Each page is so beautiful and fun to look at that you will want to rip out the pages and hang them on the wall as art! Additionally, this book is part of an entire series of table books by this author and they are so cute that once you buy one you will want them all….trust me.

For The Space Nerd:

The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide

This book gives you some good packing tips on what you are going to need to bring for your trip through the planetary system and as a fun little bonus it includes some NASA posters to get you excited for your trip.

For The Wannabe Sommelier:

Wine Folly

This book includes a plethora of different easy-to-digest guides on everything there is to know about wine. From learning about the different types of grapes to finding the perfect food and wine pairings, this book teaches it all.

For The Modern Farmhouse Fanatic:

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Who doesn’t love to look at beautiful and esthetically pleasing spaces. Joanna Gaines is queen of designing homes in the ever-popular ‘modern farmhouse’ style and this book will make you want to create spaces that you never want to leave.

For The Adventure Junkie:

National Parks of America: Experience America’s 59 National Parks

This was the first table book I ever bought and it is still one of my favorites today! Not only does it list all of America’s National Parks but it describes all the activities you can do there and the best places to stay while visiting.