Hats To Go With Every Style This Summer

Not only does the quick addition of one of my favorite hats turn my ‘meh’ outfit instantly chic, but they are an easy fix for a bad hair day (which I tend to have a lot of) so I wanted to share with you all my favorite hats to spruce up your outfits this summer!

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SIGGI 100% Wool Felt Cloche Fedora Hat

Lisianthus Women’s 100% Wool Fedora Panama Wide Brim Hat

Lanzom Womens Classic Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat

Bienvenu Women’s Wide Brim Wool Floppy Hat

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5 Trader Joes Beauty Products You Need Right Now

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Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Although fairly new to Trader Joes, this moisturizer has quickly become one of my favorite new additions to my daily beauty routine! I have combination skin that is not only very dry, but also breaks out when I use the thick ultra-moisturizers my skin wants and needs. This moisturizer is extremely light weight and clean feeling, all while managing to keep my skin super moisturized all day long.

Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

I have a very sensitive scalp and a budget that does not allow for the high end shampoo formulas that boast how gentle they are- so I was SUPER happy to find this pure, affordable, and not to mention well-working shampoo from Trader Joes. It makes your scalp feel pepperminty fresh and effectively cleanses my oily hair without completely stripping it.

Coconut Body Butter

Okay, I am about to confess a weird habit of mine. I CANNOT fall asleep at night if my hands are dry. It’s like all my tired mind can focus on is how dry and crispy my hands are… so yes it’s weird I know, but because of this I rely on this Super Creamy Coconut Body Butter from Trader Joes. It smells like heaven and I can’t fall asleep without it.

Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub

There is a reason this facial scrub has become one of Trader Joe’s best selling beauty products- it works! Along with it’s amazing antioxidant powers, this facial scrub gives just the right amount of exfoliation and has the best scent!

Lavender Triple Milled Soap

Whether I am using it in the shower or just washing my hands- bar soap is my favorite for a couple of different reasons. Without going on a rant about it- I firmly believe that bar soaps cleanse more effectively than liquid antibacterial soaps because instead of killing most germs but leaving the strongest bacteria, bar soap simply causes all levels of germs and bacteria to ‘fall off’ and physically rinse away from your hands. This Lavender bar soap not only smells incredible but there are physical pieces of lavender inside of it that help to exfoliate as well as cleanse.

What Are Your Favorite Trader Joe’s Beauty Products? Like and Share With Me Below!

Hyaluron Pen: Needle-Free Lip Injections

This week I dove into learning everything there is to know about the up-and-coming process of needle-free lip injections (and I even tested it out myself!). The latest beauty obsession has been centered around having a perfectly plump pout, but not everyone is blessed with it naturally and those who aren’t may not be comfortable with the thought of putting a needle to their face in order to achieve it.

Every procedure is completely personalized to you so for my treatment we only added too my top lip since I wanted a very natural look that would simply even out the sizes of my top and bottom lips.



Questions I Had About The Procedure:

What Exactly is Hyaluron Pen?
The Hyaluron Pen is a device that uses enough pressure to push hyaluronic acid into the skin. Since there are no needles involved, this process is considered to be a much more gentle way to plump your lips.

What Is Being Injected Into My Lip?
The Hyaluron Pen is using pressure to push Hyaluronic Acid into your skin. So what is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally in your body to help the skin retain moisture so as you can imagine, when you put more of that substance into your lips it helps to give your lips a plumped, moisturized, and more youthful glow.

How New Is This Pen And Why Haven’t I Heard Of It Before?
Although new to the beauty industry, the Hyaluron Pen has actually been around for a long time- used in the medical field to inject insulin into the skin for diabetics. The technology of this pen has been long tested and perfected, the only thing thats new has been the discovery that this needle-free method can be used to insert Hyaluronic Acid into the skin as well.

Is it semi-permanent/Permanent?
One of my favorite things about this procedure is that it is considered to be a temporary beauty treatment and is not in any way semi-permanent or permanent. Some companies may try to advertise this as a semi-permanent solution but this is absolutely not the case and I will explain to you why. One of the main reasons injections using hyaluronic acid are so safe and trusted is because your body actually produces this same substance and therefore these injections will eventually be metabolized by your body. Additionally hyaluronic acid fillers help to retain moisture instead of stimulating collagen production like some injections do.

How Long Does It Last?
The results of this treatment last 4-6 months. Although the Hyaluronic Acid found in your body and the Hyaluron Acid being inserted into your skin are the same, a good Hyaluronic Acid filler will be cross-linked which helps to slow down the speed at which your body metabolizes it. Fillers that stay in the skin forever and are not naturally metabolized by the body (like silicone for example) can cause a plethora of issues so when taking that into account, the fact that you would need to come in every 4-6 months for a refill is actually a very good thing.

Let’s Say Worst Case Scenario I Don’t Like It, What’s Next?
Okay so let’s say you hate it. Is it the end of the world? Not at all. In the unlikely case that you are unsatisfied, Hyaluronic Acid fillers can be partially or completely removed with an injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase which will help to dissolve the Hyaluronic Acid in your lips.

Are there any restrictions client-wise?
There are very few restrictions on who can receive this treatment but pregnant women, people who are severely allergy sensitive, and anyone with extreme skin conditions should speak with their doctor before receiving this treatment.

What If I have An Allergic Reaction To The Hyaluronic Acid?
I watched a show once where this lady was allergic to water so I cannot confidently tell you that you are not going to have an allergic reaction, but it would be pretty incredible if you did since your body contains this exact substance naturally.

Does It Hurt?
I personally did not have any pain throughout the entire procedure, I actually did not feel anything at all. I will admit that the sound of the pen was a little bit startling but I was given a countdown before the sound each time and lets be real- I would much rather hear a loud noise than feel any pain.

What Is The Aftercare?
Avoid rigorous exercise, makeup, and keep your lips clean and hydrated for the first 48 hours after your treatment to prevent infection.

Is There Pre-Care I Need To Do Before My Appointment?
24 hours before your appointment you will want to avoid ingesting any NSAIDS, alcohol, or supplements such as fish oils that can increase your risk of bruising. You also will want to arrive at your appointment without makeup on and let your treatment provider know if you have a history of cold sores so that they can give you treatment advice for before and after your lip enhancement.

How Long Does It Take?
Numbing beforehand will take btween 10-30 minutes and the injection process itself usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

Will I Bleed or Bruise?
Compared to normal lip injections it is a lot less likely that you will bleed or bruise with the Hyaluron Pen but you have to understand that it is possible! Your treatment provider should check for veins in your lips and try to avoid them during the process but they can be difficult to find/avoid. Anytime substance is pushed into a vein you may have slight bleeding or bruising.

How Do The Results Compare To Botox?
Hyaluronic Acid fillers boast a vary natural and soft result compared to botox results which can be more prominent.

In What Way Is This Safer Than Traditional Filler Methods?
One of the major risks of fillers comes from the possibility of the fillers blocking a blood vessel if they are injected too deep. When using the Hyaluron Pen to infuse your lips with Hyaluronic Acid it is anatomically impossible to accidentally inject the substance in this way so it does not pose the same risk as traditional injection methods.

The Process:

Step 1: Numbing

Numbing cream is applied to the lips.

Step 2: Cleansing

The lips and face are thoroughly cleansed to ensure that no bacteria is pushed into the skin during the procedure.

Step 3: Comfort/Planning

A hair net and eye mask are applied to keep your hair out of the way and ensure that you are comfortable.

Step 4: Check For Veins

A light can be used to check for veins that will be avoided during the process.

Step 5: Injecting With The Pen

Although it looks like there is a needle at the end of the pen, it is actually an open space where it pushes the serum out of of the pen and through your epidermis.

Step 6: Massage

Your lips are then lightly massaged to distribute the Hyaluronic Acid evenly throughout your lips.

Step 7: Results

All done! You get to checkout the results and get stoked about your hydrated and happy plumped pout!

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5 Unique Table Books Under $30

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links! Any profits go towards enhancing my blog and helping me to continue sharing with you all the things that I love!

For The Animal Lover:

Animalium: Welcome to the Museum

I listed this book as #1 on the list because it is my personal favorite. Each page is so beautiful and fun to look at that you will want to rip out the pages and hang them on the wall as art! Additionally, this book is part of an entire series of table books by this author and they are so cute that once you buy one you will want them all….trust me.

For The Space Nerd:

The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide

This book gives you some good packing tips on what you are going to need to bring for your trip through the planetary system and as a fun little bonus it includes some NASA posters to get you excited for your trip.

For The Wannabe Sommelier:

Wine Folly

This book includes a plethora of different easy-to-digest guides on everything there is to know about wine. From learning about the different types of grapes to finding the perfect food and wine pairings, this book teaches it all.

For The Modern Farmhouse Fanatic:

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Who doesn’t love to look at beautiful and esthetically pleasing spaces. Joanna Gaines is queen of designing homes in the ever-popular ‘modern farmhouse’ style and this book will make you want to create spaces that you never want to leave.

For The Adventure Junkie:

National Parks of America: Experience America’s 59 National Parks

This was the first table book I ever bought and it is still one of my favorites today! Not only does it list all of America’s National Parks but it describes all the activities you can do there and the best places to stay while visiting.

Easiest Way to Dress Up an Outfit Without Sacrificing Comfort

The Magic Is In The Mules

It’s a loafer! It’s a sandal! NO, it’s a mule! Okay, that was a lame way to start off this post but I couldn’t help myself. My latest fashion obsession has spurred from the fact that I refuse to wear anything that I couldn’t take a nap in, yet still want to dress with confidence and wear things that make me feel great about myself too. So what is this new obsession? Mules! A mule is a shoe that can be best described as a loafer mixed with a sandal. These fun and unique shoes are not only comfortable but are also a really easy way to kick a ‘too-casual’ outfit up a notch.

Shop My Outfit:

Have a favorite comfy shoe for dressing up an outfit? Share below!

Air Purifying Houseplants

Oh the wonderful world of plants. Houseplants have not only blown up as a must have item for house decor these days but they also have incredible health benefits that often go unrecognized. In addition to looking beautiful, many houseplants act as incredible air purifiers that work to remove toxins such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from indoor air.

While most houseplants remove multiple different toxic agents, I have listed below which plant is best at removing each specific toxin. Who needs fancy machines when you can have beautiful nature cleaning your air for you??

Best Houseplants For:

Producing Oxygen

  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Areca Palm
  • Monkey Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Gerbera Daisy

Removing Formaldehyde

  • Bamboo Palm
  • Dracaena
  • Pot Mum
  • English Ivy
  • Kimberly Queen Fern
  • Boston Fern

Removing Trichloroethylene

  • Dracaena
  • Peace Lily
  • Gerbera Daisy

Removing xylene

  • Dwarf Date Palm
  • Spider Plant
  • Ficus Alii
  • Pothos Plant
  • Dendrobium Orchids
  • Dumb Cane
  • Moth Orchids

Removing Benzene

  • Aloe Vera
  • Peace Lily
  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Pot Mum
  • Gerbera Daisy

Removing Ammonia

  • Flamingo Lily
  • Peace Lily
  • Pot Mum

I am currently loving my Dumb Cane Plant (His name is Phillip)- Which house plant is your favorite?? Comment below!

13 Tips To Ensure A Flawless And Lasting Spray Tan

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1. Exfoliate Before Your Spray Tan

Forgetting to exfoliate before your spray tan means that when your dead skin cells do come off they are going to take your beautiful new tan with them! Because of this it is best to come into your spray tan appointment with fresh skin.

2. Shave/Wax The Night Before

If you don’t plan on shaving anytime soon then don’t worry about this one, but if you plan to shave right after getting your spray tan done it’s better to do it before hand so you don’t remove any of your new tan when you shave.

3. Pre-tan

If you have the ability to get some sun before your spray tan then do! Having a base tan underneath your spray tan is only going to enhance the end results.

4. Moisturize! Before and After

Young woman applying hands moisturizer lotion on wooden table

Keeping your skin moisturized the week before your spray tan will help the solution absorb evenly. Going into a spray tan appointment with dry skin will cause patchiness and uneven results. Just make sure to forgo or wipe off the lotion before getting sprayed! Even though you don’t want to apply lotion before your first shower while your solution is developing (usually 8-20 hours after your spray), you do want to make sure you keep your skin moisturized after your first shower to lock in the color and prevent flaking.

5. Apply Baby Powder to Sweat-Prone Areas

Sweating while your spray tan is setting can cause streaking and lead to an uneven tan. So if you know yourself and know that you are definitely going to sweat in certain areas like your underarms before your first shower, apply baby powder lightly to those areas before getting dressed to help keep the solution set in place. Just be very careful while applying the powder! As a spray tan artist myself, there is nothing worse than getting ready to prep for the next client and walking into a room coated wall to wall in baby powder.

6. Wear Loose Fitted Clothing

This is an important one. Wearing the wrong clothes after your spray tan can cause creasing, lines, and smudges. If you’re coming straight to the appointment from somewhere where loose clothes are not an option, just make sure you bring a change of loose clothing to wear afterwards.

7. Avoid Water& Sweating at All Cost Before Your First Shower!

Water is the enemy! Contact with water while your spray tan is developing will cause the solution in those areas to wash off too early and leave you with an uneven tan. If you have a hard time avoiding water (yes this includes sweating and crying too) try making an appointment with a salon that offers an express solution that only needs to be kept on for 1-3 hours before rinsing.

8. Take Only A ‘Bird Bath’ For Your First Shower

The first shower you take after getting a spray tan should be with lukewarm water and without any soaps or shaving.

9. Avoid Any Oil Based Soaps

At all times while trying to maintain your spray tan you want to make sure that you avoid any oil based soaps and lotion products because they will strip you of your tan. A common example of a very heavily oil based product would be any Dove soap or lotion. To get your money’s worth out of your spray tan, it is best to use soaps and lotions that are specially formulated for maintaining a spray tan. I recommend Norvell Post Sunless PH Balancing Cleanser and Norvell Post Sunless Skin Repairing Body Butter.

10. Avoid Swimming Pools, Salt Water and Taking Long Hot Baths

This one can be a tough one if you are getting a spray tan to look good on your tropical vacation, but the reality is that soaking the skin for long periods of time in harsh conditions like this can pull the tan from your skin.

11. Avoid Using Toners or Products With High Alcohol Content

Toners and other products containing a high alcohol content will strip your skin and fade your tan. This is often why people notice the spray tan on their face fading faster than the rest of their body.

12. Don’t Forgo Sunscreen After Your Spraytan

A lot of people forget that getting a spray tan does not mean that your skin underneath that tan is any more protected from the sun than it was before. Forgetting to apply sunscreen before getting some sun could result in burnt and peeling skin, causing your tan to become splotchy.

13. Use A Gradual Tanner To Maintain Your Tan As It Fades

As wonderful as a spray tans are, all good things must come to an end and eventually your tan will start wearing off. If you are leaving for a long trip or can’t re-visit the salon soon but want to stay glowing the entire time, one of the best options is to use a gradual self tanner as your spray tan starts to fade. Having a gradual self tanner on hand is also really great for people who have areas of their body that tend to fade faster (such as the hands and face). I recommend Norvell Venetian Sunless CC Tanning Color Extender Moisturizing Lotion or for more instant results I recommend Norvell Venetian Sunless Self-Tanning Mousse with Bronzer.

What Tricks Do You Live By To Ensure The Perfect Spray Tan? Comment And Share With Me Below!

Adventures in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is a beautiful long stretch of sand lined by festive bars and private resorts. We unfortunately did not have as clear of water as we were hoping for but this was a really great beach for laying out and enjoying the warm sun and beautiful surroundings

Enjoying the Food, Drinks, and Sun on our Catamaran Tour!

My biggest recommendation for anyone staying in Tamarindo would be to take one of the afternoon catamaran tours offered through a couple of different companies you can choose from there. We were able to do one and had so much fun that this is one of the very few pictures we remembered to stop and take! Most catamaran tours include an open bar and take you on a beautiful sail out to a snorkeling location

Catamaran Tour

After a long afternoon of eating, drinking, and swimming, there was nothing better than our cruise back to shore watching the sunset as we ended our Catamaran Tour

Sunset at the Main Beach

There is a reason Tamarindo is so well known for its sunsets…they do not disappoint! Sunset hit at the perfect time where we could walk really far out into the ocean and enjoy day turning into night from a collection of rocks that had been covered by the tide earlier in the day

Another Crazy Beautiful Sunset in Tamarindo

Rarely can I look back at a picture and think ‘yup, that is exactly what it looked like’ but with this one I can. The colors were so vibrant and the water was almost glowing purple! It was one of many memorable sunsets in Tamarindo

What Is A Lash Lift?

So this week I had the privilege of meeting up with @mollywoodbeauty at the @beverlyhillsmicroblading salon where she answered all of my questions surrounding Lash Lifts and even treated me to the process itself! This post includes answers to questions about Lash Lifts I was not able to find anywhere else followed by pictures of the process itself!



Questions I Had About The Procedure:

What is the difference between a lash lift and lash extensions?
A: Lash Extensions consist of some form of ‘mock’ lashes being applied to your natural lashes to make them look fuller and longer, the natural lash is not altered in any way. A lash lift does not add any foreign substance to your lashes but instead a treatment is applied to your natural lash to darken, lengthen, and curl them so when people ask if they are your real lashes you get to proudly respond HECK YEAH THEY ARE.

What exactly is applied to my lashes during a lash lift?
A: During a lash lift the beautician will apply a treatment to lift, darken, and curl your lashes over a rounded form that is placed on top of your eyes at the beginning of the process (see pictures below), followed by a deep conditioning treatment to strengthen and nourish the lashes.

Is the process different at every salon? How much does the process of giving a lash lift change from salon to salon?
A: The process of preforming a lash lift does not change much between salons, but the experience of your beautician and quality of products used during your lash lift does. Just keep in mind that a cheaper lash lift most likely means that they are using cheaper products on your lashes and your beautician may not be as experienced!

How long do the effects of a lash lift last?
A: A lash lift lasts the duration of your natural lash cycle, which for most people is about 8 weeks.

Is there pre-care before I get it done?
A: There is no pre-care before you receive a lash lift but it is best to come to the appointment with no mascara or any other eye makeup on.

What is the aftercare?
A: The only aftercare for this treatment is during the first 48 hours after you receive your lash lift while your lashes are still setting. For 48 hours after the treatment you want to avoid water, steamy showers, and eye makeup. Your beautician should also give you a clean mascara wand to comb your lashes during that 48 hours to ensure they set nicely. After the first 48 hours you are free to enjoy yourself with a good swim, cry, night out with makeup on, etc! It is also recommended for continued care that you use a Keratin Mascara to keep the lashes healthy. Find Keratin Mascara here!

Can I wear mascara on top of my lash lift?
A: It is not advised during that first 48 hours after the lash lift to wear mascara because you will then have to take off that mascara and you want to avoid washing/scrubbing your lashes during that time, but after 48 hours- YES!

The Process:

Your eyes are cleansed (my favorite part- it was so relaxing!) and shields are applied under your eyes and a curl forming shield is also placed on top of your eyelid

Eyelashes are carefully separated and placed into the perfect shape against the form where they sit with the solution to help set them. You can see where she is setting my lashes against the form on the right compared to my lashes on the left that have not yet been touched.

Here the beautician is applying a deep conditioning treatment onto my lashes

Lastly, all of the shields are removed and your new and improved lashes are revealed- Ta Da!

Want a Lash Lift too?? Check out the rest of Molly’s work here or look at all the other amazing beauty treatments Beverly Hills Microblading has to offer!

Simple DIY Cold Brew Coffee

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  • Coconut Milk

Step 1: Add Coffee Grounds

Add all of the coffee grounds into the larger of the two pitchers

Step 2: Add Water

Add all of the water into the pitcher with the coffee grounds

Step 3: Stir

It is important that you stir this mixture with a wooden spoon- Stirring the grounds with metal can give the drink an unpleasant taste

Step 4: Place in Fridge for 8-12 Hours

Patience young grasshopper…but if you’re not good at the whole patience thing, try making it right before bed so you get to enjoy it that next morning when you wake up

Step 5: Stain and Enjoy!

Strain the mixture in the larger pitcher through a cheesecloth or coffee filter into the smaller pitcher. Prep your coffee how you like it (I like to add coconut milk) and enjoy!

Common Mistakes:

  1. Ignoring that it needs to be coarsely ground coffee
    – brewing cold brew with coffee grounds that are too fine will not only make for a disturbingly gritty cup of coffee but it will make your straining process painstakingly slow. Don’t have a coffee grinder? Order them coarsely ground here! —> Cold Brew Grounds
  2. Not waiting at least 8 hours
    – this will give you a weak cold brew that is comparable to very watered down coffee. So if you know you won’t be able to wait the full 8-12 hours then you may as well just make regular coffee and pour it over a full cup of ice…just saying.
  3. Forgetting your cold brew and leaving it brewing in the fridge for too long
    – set a timer on your phone so you don’t forget to take it out on time! Or pucker up because you’re about to have some STRONG coffee.