Adventures in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is a beautiful long stretch of sand lined by festive bars and private resorts. We unfortunately did not have as clear of water as we were hoping for but this was a really great beach for laying out and enjoying the warm sun and beautiful surroundings

Enjoying the Food, Drinks, and Sun on our Catamaran Tour!

My biggest recommendation for anyone staying in Tamarindo would be to take one of the afternoon catamaran tours offered through a couple of different companies you can choose from there. We were able to do one and had so much fun that this is one of the very few pictures we remembered to stop and take! Most catamaran tours include an open bar and take you on a beautiful sail out to a snorkeling location

Catamaran Tour

After a long afternoon of eating, drinking, and swimming, there was nothing better than our cruise back to shore watching the sunset as we ended our Catamaran Tour

Sunset at the Main Beach

There is a reason Tamarindo is so well known for its sunsets…they do not disappoint! Sunset hit at the perfect time where we could walk really far out into the ocean and enjoy day turning into night from a collection of rocks that had been covered by the tide earlier in the day

Another Crazy Beautiful Sunset in Tamarindo

Rarely can I look back at a picture and think ‘yup, that is exactly what it looked like’ but with this one I can. The colors were so vibrant and the water was almost glowing purple! It was one of many memorable sunsets in Tamarindo

Malibu Wine Hike

This Wine Hike takes you on a beautiful 2 mile walk around the vineyard where you get to stop along the way to meet and feed a collection of exotic animals, enjoy a flight of wine, and even have some fruit from the garden if you’re feeling snacky! There are a lot of different options when it comes to booking what you want to do here at Saddlerock Ranch and Vineyard but the one I am posting about today is The Giraffe Hike.

This hike was gifted to us by family for Christmas and it was SO much fun and such a great gift idea!

Enjoying one of the gardens on the property while also pretending to be one of The Real Housewives of Orange County

So many incredible views here! One of the many ‘instagram worthy’ pitstops you take on this hike is at a yellow frame that the owners put up overlooking their favorite view on the property

My favorite part of the entire experience- an animal nerd’s heaven! They have plenty of animals to feed with hilariously punny names and even more comical personalities

The Lady and The Tramp moment I have waited for my whole life…but with a Giraffe

Mid-hike wine stop!

Here you get to try out 3 of their wines consisting of a white, rosé, and a red. I normally only like red but all three were so tasty, it was hard to pick a favorite

We knew we were going to have fun on this outing but we were all pleasantly surprised at just how much fun it was. If you are in the Los Angeles area I would highly recommend this hike and also encourage any animal lovers to spend the extra buck to feed Stanley on your hike! They let you spend a good amount of time with the animals and it is not every day that you get to share a meal with a famous Giraffe…So if you’re interested in going or have been before and want to share your experience comment below!

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5 must haves for vacation in Costa Rica that you may not have thought of

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1. Hiking Sandals

Waterproof and supportive hiking sandals are a must for Costa Rica! While it is nice to have a good pair of tennis shoes, the on and off rain and humid-hot temperatures make these sandals the best choice of shoe-ware for the majority of your trip. There are so many hiking sandal options to choose from but I ended up going with this pair from Crocs and was super happy I did. Not only were they extremely comfortable and practical, but I love the style of them and they match with every outfit! Use this link to check them out on amazon! —> Crocs Women’s LiteRide Sandal

2. Waterproof, Battery Powered Watch

I was about to leave for the trip wearing my apple watch when I was reminded why that may not be the best idea. As handy as an apple watch is, it was not a good option for Costa Rica for 3 reasons- 1. Theft can be an issue there and an apple watch is an easy thing to steal and an expensive thing to loose, 2. The charge only lasts one day and we would be spending very little time by charging ports, and 3. Most versions of the watch (including mine) are not waterproof and our trip included A LOT of water. So last minute I opted to bring my waterproof Shark watch and I am so glad I did! Not only was it durable and useful but I have to admit that I also loved how it looked cute with my vacation outfits. Check out my watch on amazon here! —>

Or take a look at this cute new tropical design Shark watch that I am dying to get —> Freestyle Shark Classic Clip Watch

3. Lightweight Rain Jacket

Who would have thought that it would RAIN in the RAINforest?? But seriously, my whole group was very happy we packed these jackets. Even if it wasn’t raining, it was nice to be able to throw something light over our outfit as an extra layer of bug protection. Check out these adorable and affordable packable rain jackets that I would recommend for your trip —> Waterproof Raincoat For Women

4. Sweat-wicking Leggings

The biggest packing mistake I made for this trip was not bringing more pairs of these leggings. Even thought the weather was warm, like the rain jacket, these leggings offer an extra layer of bug protection and comfort while hiking that is really nice to have. Check out my go-to pair here—> Lululemon Align Pant

5. Packable Quick-dry Towel

Image from

This was a purchase I made before the trip that I wasn’t sure I would need but ended up using it every day! These ultra thin packable towels were perfect for the beach, when you got sweaty, or even if you just needed a dry place to sit down mid-hike. I found this set for a great deal on amazon and it fit perfectly in my little day-pack—> Microfiber Travel Towel Set

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Best Latte In L.A.

Okay so this is a big claim, I know, but I feel strongly enough about this particular espresso drink that I am ready to face the inevitable debates for my claim. Before I tell you why I think I have found the best tasting latte in Los Angeles, let me first give you an idea of what type of coffee I enjoy. I was raised believing that Honey Nut Cheerios were junk food because they have more sugar than a human should ever eat (which my mother was not wrong guys, sounds crazy but that sugar-to-protein ratio for breakfast is a no-go). So understanding this, it is no surprise that I HATE sugar in my coffee. This makes finding the perfect cup of coffee difficult since I also love flavors in my coffee and dread the super tangy (or as I like to incorrectly call it ‘bitter’) cup that most coffee lovers live for. Even though I am making it pretty clear that my coffee taste lies more in the minority of preferences than it does the majority, I still feel as though I have found the perfect latte because I have yet to met a coffee taster who doesn’t love this latte no matter what their preferred cup of coffee tastes like.

“Came here to try their almond essence latte and it’s by far one of the most delicious drink I have ever had…”

Read Jack F.‘s review of Balconi Coffee Company on Yelp

Okay, so let’s get into to the details of this drink and where you can find it to give it a try yourself.

The Latte that I have been raving about is none other than the Almond Essence Latte from Balconi Coffee Company in Santa Monica, CA. As described by the Company, this latte is an

“Origional Creation! Espresso with steamed organic STRAUS Whole Milk and sweetened pulverized almonds.”

Yeah you read the right, PULVERIZED ALMONDS. They aren’t just using almond milk or some almond sweetener, but sweetened pulverized almonds to add the perfect unique sweet taste to their espresso without it having the overwhelming sugary sweetness that we are used to in most flavored lattes. If you are dairy-free, I would recommend trying it with their special ordered Oat Milk (This is my personal non-dairy substitute favorite), but they also have other non-dairy substitutes available. Sound too good to be true? Head to Los Angeles to give it a try for yourself and comment below what you think!