Adventures in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is a beautiful long stretch of sand lined by festive bars and private resorts. We unfortunately did not have as clear of water as we were hoping for but this was a really great beach for laying out and enjoying the warm sun and beautiful surroundings

Enjoying the Food, Drinks, and Sun on our Catamaran Tour!

My biggest recommendation for anyone staying in Tamarindo would be to take one of the afternoon catamaran tours offered through a couple of different companies you can choose from there. We were able to do one and had so much fun that this is one of the very few pictures we remembered to stop and take! Most catamaran tours include an open bar and take you on a beautiful sail out to a snorkeling location

Catamaran Tour

After a long afternoon of eating, drinking, and swimming, there was nothing better than our cruise back to shore watching the sunset as we ended our Catamaran Tour

Sunset at the Main Beach

There is a reason Tamarindo is so well known for its sunsets…they do not disappoint! Sunset hit at the perfect time where we could walk really far out into the ocean and enjoy day turning into night from a collection of rocks that had been covered by the tide earlier in the day

Another Crazy Beautiful Sunset in Tamarindo

Rarely can I look back at a picture and think ‘yup, that is exactly what it looked like’ but with this one I can. The colors were so vibrant and the water was almost glowing purple! It was one of many memorable sunsets in Tamarindo

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